AVRAM Ensemble

AVRAM Ensemble

Musical bridges between the cultures

Old Judaic, Christian and Islamic vocals – Classical-Jazz-Oriental-Klezmer

Following a succession of inter-cultural events in the Capital of Culture year, the Protestant Culture Office suggested intensifying the evident revival of interreligious impulse in the Ruhr region with a concert project In 2010. From this idea sprang the Abraham concerts. Religious and secular song from Judaism, Christianity and Islam, from the Middle Ages to the present day form the basis for this programme.

The AVRAM ensemble consists of musicians from different areas. Their scope covers the great mystics from East and West with elements from classical, world music, Klezmer and jazz to ingenious bridges of sound joining the in part unfamiliar musical landscapes of these kindred religions together. En route, however, there is a strong hint of the musical similarity between the Children of Abraham.

Schirin Partowi




Shirin Partowi Murat Çakmaz Rhani Krija Markus Wienstroer Konstantin Wienstroer Peter Ehm Matthias Kurth Fethi Ak Kai Bettermann