AVRAM Ensemble

Peter Ehm — Clarinet

Peter Ehm studied the clarinet and saxophone at the Nuremberg Conservatory of Music. He was a member of the Gießen Philharmonic Orchestra for more than 30 years. He has always been interested in other music directions. Peter Ehm was directly attracted to the Abraham concert project. “Music is very emotional and this is reflected in the concerts. The various sounds and differing music styles break down any possible barriers. The music and vocals flow into each other forming a new entity. This is how it should be between the differing religions which all relate to a common base and one God. The work with the Avram Ensemble and the Abraham concerts are exciting and I hope that this message also reaches out to our audiences”.

Peter Ehm | p.ehm(at)gmx.de | www.escarmouche.de



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